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Farm to Table in Arkansas

We are so lucky here in Arkansas that, no matter where you live, you’re probably not very far from a source for fresh produce and other farm fresh goodies. Even if you live in one of our larger cities, farmers markets set up shop a couple of days during the week (usually Tuesday and Saturday) from April through October, and the freshest picked of nature’s bounty is brought just about to your doorstep!

But even without farmers markets, you can often find produce stands along our rural highways, as well as you-pick-em farms and orchards – you can’t get any fresher than that!


Arkansas boasts several hot spots for growing particularly delicious fruit and vegetables. Towns nearby put on festivals around harvest time highlighting the best of the season’s crops.

Pick Your Own

This page lists the U-Pick Farms all around the state, and I’m happy to let them update the links here so I don’t have to! Here’s another site provided by with some other options. And the granddaddy of them all,, has listings for farms in other states besides Arkansas, if that interests you!

Local Farmers Markets

As far as established farmers markets in the larger cities – there are way too many to list here, and you probably already know where they are in your local area. (In case you’re curious, here’s a terrific website, Arkansas Grown, that lists many of them as well as other whole food sources all over the state!)

We are already more than halfway through this year’s growing season, but there’s still a lot of good eating left to come. I encourage you to #shoplocal #buylocal and support your local farming operation. Nobody said it better than Paul Harvey in his “So God Made The Farmer” tribute. Thank a farmer today!

#shoplocal #farmers




National Coffee Day


Sunday, September 29, is National Coffee Day!  (Hey, every day is coffee day for me!)  And, in honor of this festive occasion, I’m pleased to feature two Arkansas coffee companies, Westrock Coffee and Airship Coffee.  For both companies, making a positive social impact, providing economic sustainability and fair trade are their primary focuses.


Westrock Coffee is based in North Little Rock, and started off as the brainchild of Scott Ford, former Alltel CEO.  Through his work at an orphanage in Rwanda, Ford became acquainted with their president and other leaders.  As the country struggled to get back on its feet after the tumultuous ’90’s, Ford saw a way to help them help themselves.  Rwandan soil, elevation and climate is one of the finest for growing coffee.  Ford started with an abandoned coffee mill, gained the trust of the local farmers and gave them the tools to reestablish their coffee farms.


Bentonville is the home of Airship Coffee.  In 2005, University of Arkansas agronomist, Mark Bray, was in the Honduran mountains, and as he listened to the coffee farmers talk about their hope for a brighter future, the idea of Airship Coffee was born. “Airship Coffee was founded on the idea that we could improve lives by helping farmers improve their coffee quality and by creating market access through direct trade relationships.”


For more information on these companies and where to purchase their coffees, visit their website at and

I’ve personally had Westrock Coffee and endorse the Bold!  Looking forward to trying Airship Coffee when I visit NW Arkansas.

Have a cup o’ Joe and celebrate National Coffee Day!

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